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Spanking and Chastity

Wish I had a strong dom to collar,leash me to be taken out 😈

I'd love to slip a pair of shorts on him and take him out for a walk in a crowded park. It would part of his training. Making him comfortable being naked in front of free men. It would also show other men that they could have a slave.  Most important would be the fun I would have embarrassing him in public.

collared and caged

Before I was locked I used to jack off 2-3 times a day.

Now that I am caged I still masterbate 2-3 times a day, I just use a different method

A leaking sensation with a very huge and long pre-cum drip which leaks out from the space of my Holy Trainer Chastity Device Cage!

Ein sensationeller Leck Moment mit einem gewaltigen und langen Vorsafttropfen, welcher aus der Spitze meines Holy Trainer Peniskäfigs heraus leckt.

He really wanted to join the team so he tried not to squirm or cry out, but Colby was about at his limit with this weird sports physical.